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John & Sue


The pots made by John Ferdinando are all hand built using the coiling technique, which is a very flexible method of creating the large forms that he makes. Before he retired he had a small architectural practice and his eye in creating sculptural forms influences his pot design.

John uses the very traditional African technique of burnishing the finished forms. After firing in a gas kiln, the pots are given a slow second firing in bins of sawdust with restricted airflow to achieve the varied patterns by smoking. No two pots can ever be the same.

At present John's forms are carved at the leather hard stage to create the illusion of flowing larva or of a large ripe fruit splitting open. One can almost imagine the dark hidden seeds within.

Pots can be viewed and purchased at The Alders. For further details please contact John at pottery@thealdersbb.com or use the form on the contact us page